LACP Sewer Lateral Inspection

LACP Sewer Lateral Inspection

At Plummer’s Environmental Services, we are able to inspect sewer laterals internally from the main. This gives you the freedom to conduct sewer lateral inspections without having to set foot on private property.

You can trust our NASSCO certified inspectors to take note of any defects during the sewer lateral inspection. We start off the inspection by maneuvering our specialized robotic camera into the sewer main. From there, a secondary launch camera is sent to travel up the sewer lateral. Through lateral inspection, our inspectors will be able to locate and investigate the sewer lateral’s path and depth from aboveground.

Our LACP sewer lateral inspection services also help you update mapping and GIS records. Our team can also help you make plans for future rehabilitation.

Learn more about our LACP processes and certifications below:

If you are interested in having a LACP sewer lateral inspection, contact Plummer's Environmental at (616) 877-3930. At Plummer’s Environmental Services, we help preserve sewer laterals throughout Grand Rapids and West Michigan.