Hazardous By-Product

Hazardous By-Product Cleanup Grand Rapids, MI

At Plummer’s Environmental Services, we have the experience to make your next waste management project a safer experience for both you and the environment. We handle all forms of waste disposal management, from small containers to bulk loads.

Hazardous wastes are both a liability to community and environmental health. As a result, you need a company you can trust for waste removal services. At Plummer’s Environmental Services, we take responsibility for segregating and managing the transportation of hazardous waste material from your facility to its final destination.

Our goal has always been to reduce or eliminate our clients’ exposure liability. We employ a number of sustainable management tactics for hazardous wastes, which include the following:

  • Incineration to steam power energy
  • Reusing in alternative processes
  • Biochemical conversion anaerobic digestion
  • Biofuels

If you are interested in our hazardous waste disposal services, contact Plummer's Environmental Services at (616) 877-3930. At Plummer’s Environmental Services, we are proud to make our communities a cleaner place through proper waste management.