Manhole Rehab

Municipal Sewer Services


Plummer’s provides multiple solutions to rehabilitate your sewer infrastructure. Our extensive selection of quality tested and certified materials eliminates costly excavation and replacement, affording a like-new condition and peace of mind. Our available manhole and structure linings include cementitious coating, epoxy coating and Cured In Place Multiplexx lining.

Typical structures to be rehabilitated include:

  • Sanitary sewer manholes
  • Storm water catch basins
  • Sanitary sewer lift stations
  • Concrete tanks
  • Steel tanks
  • Metering chambers
  • Secondary containment areas
  • Waste water sludge tanks
  • Waste water clarifiers


Ground Water Infiltration Grouting

Do you have groundwater infiltrating into your collections system through manhole or access structures? Did you know that one gallon per minute of groundwater infiltration over the course of a year can cost a collections system over $1,000? Our team of trained experts will seal your leaking structures by injecting expanding grout to the outside of the structure cutting off the leak at the source. Let Plummer’s experienced Grand Rapids-based team eliminate your costly ground water infiltration.


Cementitious Coating
Our varieties of cementitious coatings are designed to structurally rehabilitate failing brick or concrete manhole structures. This is accomplished by applying a fiber reinforced mortar to the inside of the manhole structure creating a new manhole right inside of the existing manhole. Designed to structurally rehabilitate and waterproof the interior of manhole and lift station structures, cementitious coating offer the best value for rehabilitation when corrosion due to hydrogen sulfide is not present. If high levels of hydrogen sulfide are present, Raven Epoxy Coating or Terre Hill Composites Cured in Place Multiplexx Liners can be combined with cementitious coatings to create an unmatched barrier for corrosion, infiltration and ex-filtration.


Raven Epoxy Coating

Plummer’s Environmental Services is a certified applicator for Raven Epoxy Coatings. Plummer’s utilizes these coatings to rehabilitate manhole and other sewer structures that experience corrosion due to the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas. In addition to the waste water industry, our team of certified applicators can rehabilitate a variety of other concrete, steel, masonry and fiberglass structures that are experiencing corrosion due to chemical attack. Raven Epoxy Coatings are a solvent-free, 100% solid ultra-high build spray on coating designed to protect the substrate to which it is applied. Utilizing Raven Epoxy Coatings ensures various structures can be completely rehabilitated with little to no downtime required.


AltLiner™ CIPM™ Lining System



Let us design a Cured in Place rehabilitation solution for your deteriorated manhole and lift station structures with the AltLiner™ CIPM™ Lining System. This revolutionary solution to manhole rehabilitation is a derivative of Cured in Place Pipe lining. The AltLiner™ is constructed of PVC coated fleece material with fused seams, multiple layers of woven fiberglass, saturated and bonded together with a 100% solids epoxy resin to create a single monolithic barrier impervious to hydrogen sulfide corrosion, infiltration and ex-filtration to the host structure.  Like CIPP liners, CIPM™ liners can resist physical damage caused by sewer maintenance equipment far greater than other coatings can due to the physical makeup of the liner. Why not consider the benefits of incorporating cured in place pipe into your design for rehabilitating manholes and lift stations?