CIPP Lateral Lining

Municipal Sewer Services


Cured in Place Lateral Lining

The expert team at Plummer’s of Grand Rapids specializes in Cured in Place Pipe Lining solutions for sewer laterals. Cured in Place Lateral Lining installation will permanently improve drain flow while eliminating infiltration and root growth. This process requires a single access point for installation thus eliminating the need for extensive digging, so it won’t cause damage to your landscaping or underground utilities. Remember: don’t excavate… rehabilitate.

Advantages of CIPP Lining

  • Single access point required vs. excavation of 100% of the pipe
  • Eliminates root growth in pipe line
  • Seals open joints
  • Bridges missing pipe sections
  • Improves pipe flow
  • Creates a joint-less pipe
  • Minimizes disruption within your facility, preserves landscaping and underground utilities
  • Creates a new pipe within the old pipe without the need for replacement