Recycling Reusable Waste

Industrial / Commercial By-product Management

To work with Plummer’s is to work with the best.

Plummer’s Environmental Services practices sustainability in action and our team actively attends training on the latest technologies in the industry. We recover industrial and commercial used oils from the marketplace and subject them to a rigorous treatment process. In order to minimize the amount of dwindling natural resources sent to the landfill as waste, Plummer’s creates a viable end product to be used in refinement or the secondary fuel market. Our goal is to take what is discarded and give it a beneficial new use. This approach to sustainability and recycling is what we stand for and makes our business unique.

We accept all types and concentrations of used oil for recycling, with the ability to turn that waste into a reusable resource. We have dedicated trucks on closed loop routes that can safely and compliantly pick up your used oil and keep it segregated from other wastes.

Petroleum fuel-contaminated absorbents are being increasingly more utilized in the manufacturing industry. In the U.S. alone, more than 500,000 drums’ worth of these one-time use absorbent materials are generated annually. Almost all of that volume is sent to landfills where it will not be retrieved or reclaimed, and incidentally the long-term environmental liability remains.

Plummer’s Environmental Services of Grand Rapids offers a sustainable alternative to these one-and-done absorbent items. We supply a unique oil absorbent pad that is non-skid, more effective, and completely able to be laundered. Plummer’s can outfit your organization with reusable absorbent pads that not only reduce the amount you send to the landfill each year, but save you money over buying new each time. In addition, we can also launder and reuse most types of gloves, even those with a coated finish.