Universal Waste Management

Industrial / Commercial By-product Management

Did you know that any old light bulbs or computers lying around your facility could require proper management and disposal? The good news is that Plummer’s Environmental Services can handle these items, among many others for you. We remove the stress and worry associated with managing them as universal waste. State and Federal universal waste regulations contain specific rules and procedures regarding all phases of universal waste recycling including:

  • Light Bulbs / Lamp Fixtures
  • Batteries
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment
  • Cartridge Collection
  • Ballast / Capacitors 

Plummer’s seasoned staff has the expertise required to ensure you are well within the boundaries of compliance to these regulations. Plummer’s Environmental Services will completely manage the handling of your universal waste by profiling specific waste streams, creating the proper shipping paperwork, arranging for appropriate packaging and labels, and coordination of transportation and disposal of your universal waste. Let Plummer’s remove the guesswork of your universal waste management and handle every detail from start to finish.